Bringing a new baby into this world is a beautiful thing, but new mom bodies aren’t always treated the same way. The myth of the ‘snap back’ after having a baby can trigger emotional and physical damage. Here are some tips for appreciating your post-baby body and rising above the pressures of society to look a certain way. 

Enjoy your (post-baby) bump

 By the third trimester, your uterus may have expanded to about the size of a watermelon, creating plenty of room for your baby to thrive. After giving birth, it takes several weeks for the uterus to shrink back to a smaller size. You may also have a visible bump after pregnancy due to diastasis recti, a condition that impacts most new moms. If you are concerned about this condition, be sure to contact your medical provider. 

Break up with your scale

 Weight gain is to be expected during pregnancy. This is due to a growing baby, fluids, and necessary body fat keeping you both healthy. Much like your shrinking uterus, it may take time to shed some of the weight. If you are breastfeeding, your weight may fluctuate routinely. Instead of hopping on the scale, consider focusing on other indicators of health, like how to get more rest and fuel your body with nutritious meals. 

Dress the body you have

 Your body goes through a wide variety of changes over pregnancy – this might mean your shoes and clothes don’t quite fit the same. Instead of pressuring yourself to wear those items again, dress yourself in things that feel good on your present body. Shopping sales, thrifting, and trading clothes with friends are great cost-effective ways to refresh your closet. 

Follow body-positive social media pages

 Be sure that the media you’re consuming is affirming your journey, not making you feel bad about yourself. Everyone is different, and every experience is valid. The YUP! community is here to help you celebrate both you and your baby. If you create an account, you can meet with other parents to talk about how they adjusted to their new bodies. Remember, your baby will learn self-love from you first!