8 Free Activities to Do with Your Kid

Family-friendly activities are a great way to get fresh air and learn new things! Here are 8 creative ways to encourage learning, bonding, and fun with your child. All of these activities have little to no cost and can offer hours of excitement. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these offerings may be available virtually instead of in-person.

1. Listen to story time at your local library or bookstore:

 Many libraries and bookstores offer free story time for children aged 5 and under. This activity can encourage quiet time, teach ‘inside voice’, and introduce books to your little one. 

2. Attend ‘Free Admission Day’ at your local museums, zoos, and aquariums:

 Museums, zoos, and aquariums are a great way to stay cool and learn with your child. A lot of cities even have kid-centered museums. Some zoos and aquariums are running virtual streams of their exhibits so no one misses out on the animal fun. 

3. Visit your local parks and playgrounds for a picnic:

 Parks and playgrounds are a classic way for the whole family to enjoy time outside. Look for local playgrounds that have age-appropriate equipment so that your child will be with others around the same age and size. Don’t forget to pack a few snacks and plenty of water! 

4. Cool off at local splash pads and water features:

 Splash pads and water features are a great way to stay cool during Summer months with your child. Most pads and features are free or low-cost, easily found throughout local parks, and safe for children of all ages. Check your local listings for your nearest park! 

5. Attend your local outdoor movie night:

 Local organizations occasionally host free, family-friendly movie nights at nearby parks or centers. This is a cool way to make something you’d do at home a little more exciting. Bring a few blankets and your own popcorn to keep the fun going. 

6. Play ‘I Spy’:

 ‘I Spy’ is a fun way to teach your child about identifying colors, shapes, and more in the world around them. Consider adding ‘I Spy’ to walks or car rides with your child to keep them occupied. 

7. Create artwork outside:

 Pack the chalk and crayons for an outdoor art day! Whether it’s chalk art or crayon pictures of the local scenery, this is great way to show your child the world around them. 

8. Go stargazing:

 Consider taking an evening walk or looking out a window on clear nights. You and your child might catch a glimpse of different constellations, like the Big Dipper! This is a nice way to wind down before bedtime, as well as spark your child’s interest in science.